Saturday, March 08, 2008

Finally found "God and his attributes" by Mujtaba Musavi Lari

A work of Shi'ia Islamic theology written in the 20th century. Notoriously difficult to obtain, at least for me, because they made a mistake in their ISBN number. Found it for $2.00. Very interesting.

Shi'ia Islam's theology and approach to things is drastically different than that of Sunni Islam, although as they say the outward forms of worship are the same. Shi'ia Islam is much more mystical and philosophical, and goes well beyond the racist stereotype of women dressed totally in black except for an eye slit that people unfortunately associate with Iran. And although people in the West are loath to admit it, Shi'ia Islam is the source of the majority of the Sufi traditions, including the most famous ones like the Melevi order of Dervishes. Rumi was from Persia.

Shi'ism deserves more interest in the United States. It's a fascinating body of doctrine, interpretation, and traditions.

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