Thursday, March 20, 2008

Five Years On

Stupidity and lies leading to casualties and destruction. Stupidity, lies, death, invasion, pointless. Spineless daydream nation fucks unwilling to do anything to stop it from happening. People marching but most people believing illogical lies with no proof wholesale. And still believing them. And still fucking believing them, even to this day, even with shit loads of concrete proof gathered in Iraq saying that they were fucking wrong. Jesus Christ, I've talked to more people who want to get the fuck out of the U.S. than you would imagine, something that never happened before 9/11 and the Iraq War. Rats, sinking ship, partying hardy.

Fuck them. Fuck them. Fuck them. Fuck them.

How exactly to explain it all? I'm not sure, but I do know that the real face of America has been revealed in these years after 9/11 and after the start of the Iraq War for the world to see. All of this stuff, the acquiescence with authoritarianism, the blatant acceptance and even encouragement of the violation of individual rights via PATRIOT-ACT, torture, revenge invasions, not giving a damn, everything that's come to the surface was there before but the U.S. had a wonderful P.R. machine that kept all of it under wraps. It was always in the background but the media put on a wonderful faux-neutral face that made us seem relatively normal.

The idea of a liberal media misrepresenting people was right in that more people supported crazy right-wing nutjobs than mainstream media outlets let on, preferring things like objectivity or at a minimum basic logic. Like, you have to have at least one fact that sort of supports what you're putting out there.

We're more of an empty hat than most people realized, witness our constant genuflection towards the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and figures like Lincoln, done without any real understanding of any of them. Sure, it's possible to really read all about them and come to the same conclusions that the mainstream media puts out there, but the point is that most people didn't and do not actually look into the actual origin of democracy in America or the lives of the big figures that they worship. We could have George Washington coming down out of the clouds riding a UFO and leading the Colonists against the British with light sabers and people would applaud it.

No wonder then, in retrospect, that they invoke the Constitution constantly while approving of the invasion of civil liberties and the more or less obvious suppression of dissent through mass media and somewhat governmental intimidation.

Yep, that Constitution all right, it's a document that has articles, and it don't say nothin' about torture. I thank.

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