Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ministry in Seattle!

Great show, my first. Ministry has a special place in my heart. Most people have a sort of core band that's made a big impact on them, that's really important to them, and Ministry is definitely one of those for me. The way I first found out about Ministry was in '94 when a skater guy I knew, quite a bit older than me, talked about them, sang "Drinking the blood of Jesus! Drinking it straight from his veins!" from the song Psalm 69, and lent me the Psalm 69 album on cassette to listen to. Then, of course, there was the MTV airplay of the song "Just one fix", which has to be one of the best music videos of all time.

They rocked tonight. I knew they'd put out a political album in Rio Grande Blood but I hadn't heard much of it, and it came as a surprise when they started playing the pro-Chavez song "SeƱor Pelligro", which is what Chavez called Bush (translated as "Mr. Danger" in the press but maybe better translated as "Mr. Dangerous"). The Rio Grande Blood songs weren't just political, they rocked. Unlike most political songs, they didn't compromise their hardcore-ness in the sake of getting a message across.

Feeling like an old man, I came out of it thinking "Now that's real music".

I also had visions of Ministry fans coming out of the Showbox SoDo and storming Capitol Hill, massacring all the hipsters that live there. Heh heh. We can dream, can't we?

Intentionally missed half of the opening act because I didn't know them, didn't care about them, so don't really have an opinion of them.

*on edit: these folks, Ministry, live in El Paso Texas, which is quite frankly a very dangerous place. I spent the night there on the way to the northwest from the South East and you could almost smell that something was very wrong there. It's across the Rio Grande from Ciudad Juarez, which has experienced so much violence in the past few years that the Mexican Army is currently occupying it in order to insure safety. No exagerration, Google Chihuahua Juarez Army and you'll see.

Found out about Ministry from a skate punk who was originally from Chicago, where Ministry was originally from.

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