Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More anecdotal proof that the Irish are not oppressed in the United States in any way whatsoever

There's a truck that's been parking itself in my neighborhood for a little while that's quite interesting. First of all, it's a truck modified for off road activity; it's raised and it's got a special stainless steel undercarraige protector. But that's not what really makes it intriguing. It's what it has on its rear end.

On the left bumper there's a sticker with an American flag on one side and on the other the words "I don't speak your language, either speak mine or leave", and around the license plate there's a frame that says "I'm Irish, Want to get Lucky?"

Besides being something only a complete asshole would put on his truck the two of them together make a sort of delicious irony. Irish Gaelic was forbidden by the British for many years in Ireland, called a barbaric and savage tongue. If the Irish wanted to be civilized they'd speak English and, later, be part of the Anglican Communion.

Now our weekend road warrior wants to put hispanics in their place by telling them to either speak the language of today's professors of Enlightenment or leave. Enlightened savage, that's what I'd call him. No matter that Mexicans were here long before Columbus discovered America, or that Mexican culture is a fusion between Native American and Spanish culture. They 'all haff ta leave our cuntrie if they kannot speek Aynglish.

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