Tuesday, March 11, 2008

People calling on Spitzer to resign? Oh come on.

Eliot Spitzer, governor of New York State, was caught have spent four thousand dollars at a time on prostitutes. Although I can see why people would be mad over this the idea that we in our oh so moral America have to vent our outrage by calling on the governor to resign is a hysterical idea. What exactly to people who go beyond thinking that this was wrong to actually calling for the guy's resignation think that the world we live in is, a broadway musical? A cheesy melodrama where valiant and moral upholders of the dignity of women demand that the rascal be exiled from the country because of his transgression? I thought that going to see prostitutes was practically part of a male politician's job description.

I can picture the press conferences given by the (mostly) Protestant clergy.

'I think that it's an outrage what Governor Spitzer did, against moral law and god's law. Here at the West View Baptist Church we don't tolerate that sort of thing. Now, if you look to my left my beautiful personal assistant Sister Connie has some graphs about the sorry moral condition of the Empire State . Take it away Connie (in a whisper: "You nice little piece of ass")!'

*on edit: be careful what you wish for. Spitzer, who has just resigned, was a mainstream liberal but he was liberal nonetheless. Before Spitzer was in office New York state was ruled by George Pataki, who wasn't very liberal at all. Just make sure, as you're gloating over this victory, that your action doesn't lead to the installation of another person like Pataki, who though not exactly George Wallace was a decisive step back from Spitzer.

Your calls for Spitzer to resign may cause things to get worse, not better.

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