Friday, March 14, 2008

Quite honestly, with Ferraro

We've been programmed to be on the lookout for racism for so long that it's about impossible to criticize Obama or Obama's campaign in the national media without being called a racist, and Ferraro I think was in part trying to point this out and point out the ramifications of it, namely that someone who isn't qualified and who lies constantly about what his positions really are is being given a free ride because people are afraid that they'll be labeled racist if they point any of it out.

So Obama's race is effectively being used, by the Obama campaign and its sympathizers, to shut down the necessary discourse that we should be having about the Presidential Election, the most important type of election in the entire United States, something that has importance for the entire world.

If people start to be really critical on Obama like they were on Hillary Clinton when she was only first lady, not even an elected representative, no doubt the charge would go around that the press corps was secretly racist and was targeting poor Obama because they didn't like his race.

There's something out there called basic reporting, simple, fundamental questions about a public figure's past, their present record, what exactly is the relationship between what they say and what their behavior has been. So far I've seen little of it in the mainstream media, except in the Chicago Tribune online. Everything outside of Obama's home state seems to be overwhelmingly hagiography, with righteous indignation over anyone of importance in the public sphere who questions Obama. For instance the African American pastor and Clinton supporter who made the statement that Clinton was concerned with social justice while Obama was a teenager snorting blow. Obama talked about that very thing in his autobiography, but the indignation alarms went up and the poor guy was pressured to make a retraction. He cut a little too deeply in his comments, and besides, he's black, so he should automatically support Obama, right?

I think the lady doth protest too much.

Here's a little advice to prospective Obama voters: someone who plays you like a chump will never follow through on his promises.

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