Sunday, March 16, 2008

Since I'm banned in China---when will the Chinese government do something about the exploitation of workers making products for export to the U.S?

Not that it's especially hard to have a politics blog banned in China... From my superficial internet research it appears that the administration of Hu Jintao is somewhat more committed to social equality than that of his predecessor Jiang Zemin. If this is the case, and like the good old internet sources say his administration opposes the excesses of the '90s and early 2000's, then why allow people from the provinces to be exploited by working for next to nothing in factories? The easy answer, and not necessarily the wrong answer, would be to say that this exists because it's a dictatorship, but that may underestimate the power of capitalists themselves in China as well as the possibility for internal reform if backed by a population that makes it clear they don't want Revolutionary change, which is when China calls out the Army etc..

Potentially, there could be a movement for social justice within China itself based not only on basic concerns relating to economic equality but also to the fact that this inequality is being enacted for the benefit of a foreign power.

*on edit: it seems that reporting about China echoes the long standing American practice of treating Asian countries like they don't have actual populations that have wills of their own. Asians are supposed to be subservient to authority, right? So there couldn't possibly be public opinion, let alone a diversity of public opinion, in a country with over a billion people.

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