Saturday, March 08, 2008

So Democrats don't want a spoiler in November, right?

If someone were to intervene on the liberal-left to cause the election to go to McCain they'd be called all sorts of things, spoilers, self centered, idiots, just like those of us who supported Nader in 2000 were called. They'd be held responsible for whatever the President did in that term, right?

Here's Ruth Coniff of "The Progressive" in a remarkable comment attached to an article about Hillary's negative campaigning.

"A long, nasty battle right up to the convention could seriously weaken Obama. If Hillary wins without a clear majority or thanks to a very negative campaign, don't expect an outpouring of grassroots support at the polls in November."

In other words, if Hillary wins the nomination at least Coniff and possibly other folks could decide to abstain from voting, thereby possibly giving McCain the Presidency.

And who did the Democratic Party say was self centered again?

McCain has made it extremely clear that he's as hawkish as possible on the Iraq war, and even makes jokes about bombing Iran. But I guess that's secondary to Obama getting the nomination. Or not getting it. Do you care more about your golden boy or about the world around you?

*on edit: this, by the way, is a threat, worthy of a backroom party politician. "You know, if you don't support Obama in the primaries you just might find that the support for Hillary against McCain isn't going to be there in November. You might want to change your mind about Obama if you don't want McCain to get into office."

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