Friday, March 21, 2008

The strategy of Tibet launching protests in the Olympic year is a good one

Because, like the title link reports the German foreign minister saying, ""You can't just host glamorous events for television while things are going topsy-turvy in your own backyard. The host has to allow thousands of journalists into the country - you won't be able to sweep anything under the rug." . It's actually very significant that the German foreign minister would say this because a similar thing happened when the Berlin Wall fell.

People usually don't realize it but the fall of the wall didn't just happen at a random time. It happened during the forty year anniversary celebration of East Germany. Gorbachev himself was in Berlin at the time, and he specifically warned Hönecker that if he cracked down on the protests there would be no support from the Soviet Union, in part no doubt because it would look so bad for the anniversary of a state claiming, in its very name, to be democratic to use deadly force against protesters.

The world's eyes are on China now, in part because China has put an enormous emphasis on the Olympics as showcasing China itself. What an opportunity to show how human rights are actually lived in China.

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