Friday, March 28, 2008

Trans man pregnant

Awesome. More proof that after a certain point gender is a social construct.(title link)

'Being a pregnant man? It's incredible'

"After marrying, Beatie and his wife moved to the US mainland. They wanted to start a family but health problems meant Roberts could not conceive. So, according to the account Beatie gave the Advocate, a US gay and lesbian magazine, he stopped his twice-weekly hormone injections, allowed his periods to return, and tried for a baby.

A first attempt ended in a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy. Now, following anonymous sperm donation and home insemination, Beatie says he is pregnant again and is due to give birth to a baby girl in July. "How does it feel to be a pregnant man? Incredible. Despite the fact that my belly is growing with a new life inside me, I am stable and confident being the man that I am," he writes. "To Nancy, I am her husband carrying our child - I am so lucky to have such a loving, supportive wife. I will be my daughter's father, and Nancy will be her mother."

*on edit: wow, you folks really are sick fucks. This post has gotten many more hits than most of my other ones and my suspicion is that it isn't people who care about trans rights or who believe that this is at least a neutral thing who are viewing the site but people who look at it like a freak show.

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