Saturday, April 05, 2008

81% of people dissatisfied with the direction of the U.S.?

I see numbers like this all the time. They're trumpeted from Progressive sites all the time to prove that we're right. In the poll, which is title linked above, they also say that 58% of households approve of raising taxes on people making more than $250,000 a year and also that 78% of people said that the country was worse off now than it was five years ago. But I have a question. If there's all this dissatisfaction then why aren't there demonstrations in the street, why aren't people acting on it and pressing the government to actually change, why aren't people actually doing anything?

We have these poll numbers and then we have the overwhelming public apathy of people in the United States. In other words, what the fuck is wrong with people that 81% of them don't like where the U.S. is going but no one is prepared to actually organize or participate in events that would actually challenge that same direction through public demonstrations of the power of the dissatisfied?

People can trumpet the numbers to prove that we're right all they want but I for one am less than impressed when overwhelming majorities stay in their little homes and apartments being pissed off but not being willing to lift a finger to change things.

(Not even write angry blogs ;)

*on edit: an amazing 68% of respondents said that they favored trade restrictions to protect domestic industries. This is great news, but I can't help but think about Ross Perot being the one to first bring this issue up sixteen years ago in his self financed infomercials. Back then people made fun of him because he used the phrase "giant sucking sound" to describe job loss to Mexico. Because, he he he, that's like oral sex (sort of).

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