Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another Hipster thing...

From the extensive source material of my misadventure living with 2.5 of them. One was really only halfway there.

Asked one of them, in a conversation trying to ascertain what exactly they liked musically from before the '90s, if there was anyone from the '70s they thought was worth listening to (they had shot down numerous groups). The answer was a skeptical "Richard Hell?"

Looking at this now I find this really funny because Richard Hell & the Voidoids have turned out to be a seminal early punk band, a pre Sex Pistols punk band. These were people whose most radical action had been to read W.G. Sebald novels because someone told them they were cool, or at least "the thing to read". I seriously doubt that if someone hadn't been whispering in their ears saying "You know, Richard Hell was one of the best unappreciated artists of the '70s, and one of the best ones (right up there with Nick Drake)" that they would have even listened to him more than once.

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