Sunday, April 06, 2008

Book price of the website print edition drastically cut, now with free PDF format downloads

Making it at least somewhat more affordable. The price for the print edition of the first two years of this website was jacked up to an ungodly amount, something like $45, because I was in program where they claimed they were making it available on Amazon. Now, the program is no longer in existence, and it turned out (in my opinion) to be a scam anyways, so I've adjusted the price to be $21, which is as low as it can go. I'm making zero off of it. The online download of the same book is now free. The large pamphlet sized copy of the original FAQ and the Essential Articles posts is now reduced to $6, and the corresponding online download is free as well.

Both prices do not include shipping and handling.

No one should have to pay $45 dollars for a book, especially one that's more or less available for free on the internet.

Just go to the links at the top of the sidebar to get the stuff.

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