Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Food Rationing in the U.S.

Stories are coming out of people in the U.S. stocking up on rice and floor, basic staple foods, because they're afraid that the global food crisis that's happening will reach them soon. But that's the great thing about Imperialism, poor people starve and riot while people in the U.S. do fine. The idea that people in the United States will feel the food crisis any time soon is delusional, but then U.S. citizens aren't very objective about what they're status is in relation to the rest of the world. Things will have to get quite a deal worse before any of that happens, and pressure to secure the food supply will likely follow the pattern regarding oil in the Middle East: the powers that be will fight tooth and nail to stave off the consequences of tight food supplies and will do anything up to war to prevent them from feeling the crunch.

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