Friday, April 11, 2008

Funny, funny

A certain Thelemic organization in America whose name begins with Ordo, or at least some very vocal members, are complaining in the occult community about The Pirate Bay offering links to files of their so-called secret rituals, which were published by the rival organization in England. This is funny because this "Ordo" is known for sending out legal threats to occult personalities, organizations, and publishing houses for using material that's really in the public domain but that they feel is their property. Well folks, the Pirate Bay doesn't cave into Microsoft and the RIAA. They aren't an occult publisher barely making it, neither are they a small religious organization that doesn't have funds to defend itself. If they're taking on Microsoft there's no fucking way they're going to care about you.

The Ordo-TO feels like it's the top cock in the occult demimonde of North America, and that this translates out into some kind of power in the real world, but honestly most people view the organization as composed of many of the same occultnik losers who populate other groups like it and not as some exalted order.

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