Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Great, John Ross condescends to people who have to have police protect them from getting the shit beat out of them

Namely, the Emos of Mexico City. You see, some of them seem to come from affluent families, which is strangely enough in John "I lived in Arcata California back in the day" Ross' book to indict them.

"Underlying the hostilities between the Emos and rival urban tribes is the class divide which yawns wide in Mexico City. The Emos spring from the loins of affluent families and are often enrolled in private schools and the high school system of the National Autonomous University (UNAM) in a country where only 17 per cent of young people will have a chance to go to college. The UNAM rejects 100,000 would-be students a year.

Kids with no education or employment options have a lot of time on their hands to get into trouble. Every year, a million young people enter the job market in an economy that creates only half that number of jobs. According to one UNAM study, three out of every ten young persons in the 15 to 29 year age range will head north to the U.S.--but now with the border virtually sealed, that safety valve has been shut down. "

Doesn't come out and actually say it, since that would be bad taste, but certainly implies it in his article, along with coming out against the allies of the Emos, the Darketos or Goths, saying that

"The Darks, devotees of the night, have an "alliance of the obscure" with the Goticos, romantics in love with the notion of death, whose emblematic Charles Addams Neo-Vampira dress, replete with chains and ankhs and velvet cloaks, require a substantial investment in identity."

Nice, Mr. "Old Hippy" Ross. Just round them up and shoot them in back of the head, or use an ice pick, maybe.

* on edit: god, I just can't get over this. Whatever these kids' class background is they don't deserve to be beaten in the streets en masse. They're teenagers who are depressed and listen to sad music. To kind of gloat at it like John Ross, who's more than old enough to be their grandfather, does, is just perverse.

The coda to the article, although following a sympathetic treatment of youth culture, is revealing.

"So which urban tribe do you belong to, a U.S. reporter old enough to be his great grandfather asked an unpierced kid with a goofy grin after the Emo rally? "Me? I suppose I'm a Mexica (Aztec)," the kid beamed shyly."

And all right for the great Mexican nationalists who don't belong to any of those decadent urban tribes!

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