Monday, April 28, 2008

The Mission is stabilization, I believe

That's the official word on what exactly the point of being in Iraq and Afghanistan is now. Catching OBL was dropped a long time ago and whatever the point of going into Iraq was, they never made it clear, was dropped as soon as the useful vagueness had done the job. Was it stopping Saddam from using weapons of mass destruction against us?

Anyways, the goal now is stabilization, the creation of states in Iraq and Afghanistan that are peacefully ruled by pliant cronies, who will oversee the exploitation of both countries in service to the U.S.

The double think present in waiting until attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq as well as sectarian fighting there have stopped in order to leave is kind of amazing although not commented on in the media, alternative or otherwise. The people of Iraq are attacking soldiers because they want them to leave....but they can't leave until the situation is stable which means no more attacks on them. Something similar, if not quite as pat, could be said of the sectarian warfare going on in Iraq. The government of Nouri Al-Maliki, while not completely a rubber stamp for U.S. desires, is in structure and in fact collaborating with the United States, making attempts by it to find a solution to the violence compromised from the start. It's the fact that the government is dependent on the U.S. that's the problem, leading to violence, which in turn justifies a continued U.S. presence until the violence is gone.

And Afghanistan is a pure mess to the point where I don't think anyone seriously believes that the United States has any hope of really restoring stability there anymore. In case you hadn't heard, Hamid Karzai, the U.S. approved President and former oil company representative, and his envoy, were fired at with machine guns at a ceremony commemorating the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

We're fucking toast there and should get out along with our dear NATO allies, valiantly fighting to protect the North Atlantic Community against a very clear and present danger, as soon as possible.

So stability, yeah....

Good luck with that. Until then, well fuck, I don't know. Iraq is a more pointless war than Vietnam. At least in Vietnam there were actual Communists actually trying to win, and Communism as a phenomenon on a world scale actually existed, with people actually living in countries governed by the system. Even if it was to prop up a puppet government in South East Asia, the basic existence of an enemy that was argued to justify the war was not denied.

Saddam Hussein as the cruel dictator that was picked out of hat to be the official enemy was trying to develop nuclear weapons to use against the U.S.

Mushroom clouds. The only mushroom clouds were metaphorical ones in the synapses of the people planning the thing, causing them to hallucinate reasons for going to war to shove onto the public.

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