Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Non toxic hippy cleaning products

Are a god send. The range of conventional cleaning products available shows the sort of error that western industrialism has gotten itself into: you have cleaners that range from weak and relatively non-toxic to supposedly super strong and extremely toxic, but just because they're stronger doesn't mean that they're more effective. I've bought things that have been extremely bad for the environment because they professed to be the strongest cleaners out there but have found that beyond generating a lot of toxic fumes and sometimes partially destroying the surface they were applied to that they really didn't clean in a qualitatively better way. Instead, whoever made them assumed that if you just get the strongest chemicals on the market and put them in something that it would automatically clean better than something where people actually paid attention to how well it cleaned while making it. Putting the further constraint on it that it has to be environmentally friendly forces people to be more creative in making these things, making it more probable that they're designed smarter.

The chemical industry assumes that shaking a club at a problem using the most whiz-bang toxins will solve it in the best way possible. Just because we can synthesize these things doesn't mean we know what the fuck we're doing with them.

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