Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Seattle and Olympia

Although there really are a lot of political things that are happening in Olympia that aren't really happening elsewhere, the town itself is the subject of a virtual cult on the part of people into the music and general alternative culture scenes.

The behavior of these extreme pro-Olympia people reminds me of the Mooninites from Aqua Teen Hunger Force in their belief of the relative worth of Olympia vs. Seattle. In the first episode with the Mooninites they knock on Carl's door and declare that the Moon is at the center and that, in fact, "some say the Earth is our Moon" but add that that would insult the name of their planet, which is The Moon.

Saying that the small town of Olympia, that has about 30,000 people, is way better than the Seattle metro area, which has over a million, is like saying that Ithaca, New York is really cool so cool that it's better than New York City!

From what I understand Ithaca is indeed a nice alternative town, like Burlington Vermont, but be that as it may it just isn't New York City, no matter how delusionally you want to spin it.

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