Saturday, April 12, 2008

Summertime, and the living is easy

Ah, a staple of NPR. Endlessly repeated. To the point where I very, very, strongly suspect that the very white, shall we call it "NPR White", to distinguish it from regular Euro-Americans, people who like the song have never actually read the lyrics.

If they had, they might see that the speaker is a black servant rocking the kid of the master and singing to it. It's not a happy song, it's a song about how the kids' parents are rich and good looking, and how eventually the kid will take to the sky, but how the servant will still be where she is at the end of it.

Your daddy's rich, Your ma is good looking...Nothing can harm you with daddy and mammy standin' by.

Mammy is the woman singing the song, not ma.

So let's sing a song of segregation about the Summer, and now "Fresh Air".

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Ortho said...

Profound deconstruction of racist music.