Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Whatever happened to the notion of Generals working for the ruling class?

General Petraeus is in the news again. Has to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee about the "surge" and how things are going in Iraq. There's a letter going around urging the Committee to ask tough questions. The name of Petraeus brings up the brouha about the "General Petraeus or General Betray-us" ad bought by MoveOn in the New York Times.

The self righteous chest thumping was out in full force then, saying 'How dare you insult a General in the United States Army like that!'. I'm sorry but when did this become a country where we have to kiss military officers' asses? The Iraq war is about oil and about geo-political dominance on behalf of U.S. interests, in other words to the capitalist class in the United States and the overall big business in the areas that benefit from all this, who in turn help control the State. Petraeus and his fellow Generals are the soldiers implementing this war on behalf of the ruling class and on behalf of U.S. business. Why should we respect him?

He and his fellow Generals are the ones overseeing the spending of the money from the Federal Government that is bleeding the country dry, money that could be spent on free college, health care, social programs.

I don't see any reason to respect him or any reason to feel guilty when people complain about things like MoveOn's add singling him out.

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