Sunday, April 27, 2008

"The working class hungers for socialism", oh really?

I'm declaring a campaign against stilted radical language which is totally, not just partially, rhetorical. Not on technical terms like Imperialism or the various ways of describing capitalism and class, but against the over the top caricatures that some newspapers and such have fallen into. None of the actual socialist parties, whether social democratic, radical, or Leninist, or the various anarchist groups used language like that. It's high time to bring radicalism back onto the radar screen in way that actually sounds like how people actually talk and not like they've been taught to talk by some party. Anchoring these things in common experience, the sort of thing that you see when you walk out your door and that exists in world news today, would go a long way to increasing their appeal to people.

Another way to increase the appeal would be to establish a socialism out there that differed from the "In These Times" magazine type model, which is a kind of tepid Social Democratic, barely socialist, current that's not a threat to anyone. The people in power, at least in the government, as much as they're aware of In These Times and company, probably laugh at the sort of middle class yuppie radicalism contained in them.

I want socialism to be dangerous again. By that I don't mean people doing dangerous things so much as restoring things to how they were in the pre-McCarthyist era when socialist groups scared people because they really did want to accomplish fundamental social change that would rewrite the fabric of society.

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