Thursday, May 15, 2008

If you're going to San Francisco....

Leaving to there for a few days in a few days. This time I'm actually going to be not quite the superficial counterculture tourist that I have been. I mean, I usually stay in Berkeley, and when I first got there Amoeba records kicked my ass all over the place, along with Moe's Books. City Lights was a favorite, as well as "Bound Together Books", the Anarchist bookstore in the Haight. City Lights continues to be incredible, because apart from the Beat stuff (which is conveniently separated from the rest of the books) it's a really great bookstore, both on the fiction and non-fiction sides. Large section on all sorts of anarchist themed left stuff. Moe's is still good as well, and the Amoeba has a good selection, but these are the sorts of things that people pick up on in the Bay Area pretty quickly. This time around I'm looking at stores and attractions that are a little more off the beaten track and are things that local bohemians and freaks, and flexible lefty politicos, go to.

I'll be reporting back.

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