Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Liberating Wednesday" by P.M., author of "bolo 'bolo"

Brought to you by the good folks at the net archive of the '90s web zine "OVO" (title link)

"Liberating Wednesday

So far people have tried to liberate countries, but the results aren't very convincing. So why not try to liberate a day of the week? There are days in all countries, regardless of the political systems, of ideology, religion. The "boundaries" of a day are much more natural than those of a country. You need no passport to enter or leave it.

What we call work-week is the expression of the rhythm of a Planetary Work Machine, that holds us all in its grips. It's a destructive machine, damaging our health, nature, our social life. Only if we're capable of dismantling this Machine (call it Capitalism, Socialism, industrialism, progress, modernism) and of creating a new life-style, we shall escape the deadly rhythm of work.

Why not start in the middle? Why not attack Wednesday and split the week in two halves, that'll be easier to cope with. We need Sundays to simply recover from work and Saturdays for shopping, housework and repairs. We'll take Wednesdays off to prepare our way out of the Machine. The new must grow in midst of the old, so that the end of the Machine won't be ours. It has made us dependent on its supermarkets, cars, state institutions, centralized systems of all kinds. We are isolated from each other, separated from natural resources, too specialized to make our own living. We need time to get together, to make connections with farmers, to acquire know-how.

How can we begin? Right next Wednesday! It's the ideal day to take a sick-leave, to think, to read a book, to meditate. The center of the week could also become the spiritual center of our selves. We must be "centered" to begin something new. The Machine always pushes us to the edges, away from here and now, out of ourselves. Wednesday is the back-to-yourself-day. Its symbol is the old planetary sign of Mercury or Hermes:

It unites female and male aspects (the symbol for ankh = life and the horns), it's symmetrical, points to the heavens and is rooted in the earth. The sun-disc in the middle stands for the wholeness of the world, for unity, solidarity and joy of life. Mercury is a hermaphrodite god, the god of wisdom, exchange, communion, travel, of good and bad. You could also see christian (cross), islamic (crescent) and buddhist (circle) elements in this symbol.


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