Saturday, May 10, 2008

Movies from the '80s with subtexts that are embarrassing today

At least I hope. They were completely OK in the era of Ronnie and the Global War on Central Americans.

"Twins", starring Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger is a prime example. The hilarious story of two genetically engineered twins separated at birth it could easily have been called "Jew & Aryan".

The story is that a group of Nobel Prize winners were assembled on a deserted island with the purpose of contributing their sperm collectively in order to create the perfect human being, strong and super intelligent. The experiment happens, the woman gets pregnant, but instead of just one baby being born two are. In the words (recalled from memory) of the narrator the pure stuff went into Arnie while "All the shit" went into the baby that would become Danny DeVito. The baby DeVito is exiled from the island while Arnold's character grows up there with the best teachers, the best environment, constantly surrounding him. Eventually he leaves the island to go in search of his lost brother because he's lonely. DeVito is a short, balding, womanizing, alcoholic, private detective, whose remaining hair is curly and who has a pronounced Brooklyn accent. This is the film world's way of saying J-E-W. Aryan Arnie, with blond hair and blue eyes, finds him, explains the situation, and then they get into more high jinks, trying to find their mother and battling gangster while proudly announcing to people that "We're brothers!" and "We're twins!".

Aryan Arnie is introduced into the world of sex and alcohol by the horny Jewish De Vito character...

It turns into a wonderful romp through Eugenics as they try to answer the question: Can the Ubermensch and the Untermenschen cooperate to defeat the international gangsters that are now after the genetically superior man?

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