Saturday, May 03, 2008

One of the reasons that the Oi! and non racist Skinhead movements are illuminating

Is that they put the lie to the idea that the white working class is reactionary, that it's impossible to be true to the working class while believing in things like gay rights and the defense of the environment. In the U.S., particularly after Hillary Clinton's win in Pennsylvania, the idea that the people who voted for her essentially don't matter, because they didn't vote for Obama, has been repeated with increasing frequency by progressives. There's an idea out there that if working class people don't respect someone who has shit on their culture, as Obama did with his comments on people turning to guns, god, and scapegoating immigrants when bad times hit, that they therefore are against everything that that person stands for. From being praised, the white working class has gone to being dismissed, labeled incorrigibly racist, becoming a political football in the hands of more elite progressive intellectuals, used when it suits them, thrown overboard when it looks like they don't obey their preconceptions.

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