Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

(title link) Wilhelm Reich related center which is run by author and scientist James de Meo. As an institution doing research it's interesting, as a web page reflecting de Meo's political concerns it's profoundly disappointing. Orgone is the biological energy that Reich discovered and that formed the core of both his later psychological work and his work with chemistry, physics, and weather modification. De Meo is one of the few people out there that actually give the later works of Reich the respect they deserve. Which is why his interpretation of Reich's politics is so hurtful.

Reich, like many psychiatrists of his age was convinced that homosexuality was caused by sex repression and was in fact a mental disorder that had potential side effects like pedophilia. He also linked hardcore Stalinists with fascism and in turn linked fascism with sex repression. That part of his thought isn't too bad, actually. Also was convinced that patriarchal social structures were responsible for the repression of spontaneous expressions of sexuality and states of sexual/mental health, effecting the whole society and leading to child abuse, domestic violence, all sorts of things. This too is pretty reasonable. Where de Meo takes all of this though isn't.

Looking through the OBRL web page's link section on politics it comes out that de Meo endorses the theory of Islamo-Fascism put forward by commentators, supports Israel over Arab countries because he feels that Israel is less patriarchal and sex negative, also supports the War on Terror in general. Labels the critics of the War on Terror as Red Fascists, endorses the theories of "The Pink Swastika" that paints homosexuality as a core feature of Nazism, links homosexuality with pedophilia and gay rights organizations with organizations supporting child sexual abuse. This last one is not an exaggeration: one of the link sections is entitled

"Human Sexuality Issues, Exposing the Pedophile-Porno Agenda"

The guy actually provides recommended links to the Little Green Footballs extreme right blog, to Michelle Malkin, and to Fox News.

What a sad irony that someone pursuing the work of Wilhelm Reich, who devoted most of his life to extending human freedom, would endorse George W. Bush.

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