Monday, May 12, 2008

Presidents not doing what they were elected to do--maybe a parliamentary system would be better?

How would you like to have been able to recall Bush when his popularity ratings fell into the low double digits for the first time? If we had a parliamentary system we could have done it. Since prime ministers are selected by the party that has the most seats in parliament, their equivalent of the House of Representatives, and not elected to independent terms, the elected representatives can cast "no confidence" votes. The party can then call for instant elections which would provide an opportunity for the prime minister to step down and be replaced by someone else who represents actually popular positions. Of course there are problems, but it would be a way to avoid the idea held by the Karl Roves of the world that people only have the right to voice their opinion on the Presidency once every four years. Bush is an embarrassment, he would be out of here in no time if he was actually accountable to some organization, even if it meant a semi-transparent political party.

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