Friday, May 30, 2008

Quite honestly I wouldn't have a problem with a "hispanic takeover" of America

Which is one of the big fears among the anti-immigration crowd. Suddenly we'll all have to speak Spanish. Even though it's divorced from reality somewhat, at least in areas that weren't part of Mexico before we seized them and incorporated them into the U.S., if it did actually happen I'd welcome it with open arms. I lived in Florida for four years, as an adult, and can tell you that in my opinion Latino culture is a heck of a lot more rational, vital, and in touch with basic reality than Anglo culture. We're completely psychotic in comparison. The culture of the U.S. today is not only rotted, rotting on the vine, but desiccated and wrong. The Bush administration and the consequences of 9/11 in their influence on the way people in the U.S. look at things are largely to blame although we've been on this course for a while. Latino culture is an extremely broad term, encompassing literally all the countries of Central and South America as well as Mexico, but I think it applies generally. Plus, Latin America is more in touch with politics as it exists in the rest of the world, both Europe and the former Third World, than the U.S. is, which is sort of in a kind of self imposed bubble of ignorance.

People down there speak a common political language that everyone else on the globe roughly understands but that is as foreign as you can possibly get to the political worldview of the U.S., which seems to think it's an exception to everything and that none but 100% American political ideas matter to it.

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