Sunday, May 04, 2008

Something I've noticed while observing Seattleites

Is that the many of the people who dress really hip, with hipster clothing, who sport Elvis Costello glasses and visible tattoos on their forearms, are still racist as hell in their interactions with minorities. Despite being 'hip' they recapitulate all the prejudices of mainstream white society while many times siding with the bourgeois side of things even against the notion of a poor Bohemian lifestyle.

Seattle is a very white town and I happen to live in a very white part of that white town, the area north of the shipping canal, which is basically half of Seattle but is the half where there's less racial minorities. Many of the hipsters up here and many, many, more of the yuppie bohemians, the people who drive cars with lots of bumper stickers while working at Microsoft, are people who if you scratch them are just as insular and racist as the people they sometimes parody.

Which in my opinion undermines the actual radical-ness or the actual confrontation with the system that these folks have and represent.

You love Obama and put Obama stickers on your car but you'd become an arch segregationist if black people wanted to move next door.

As Phil Ochs once wrote....."Love me, Love me, Love me, I'm a Liberal".

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