Friday, May 23, 2008

Very important book "The Murder of Christ" by Wilhelm Reich

The Murder of Christ doesn't have much to do with traditional Christianity. Instead, it's radical psychologist and doctor Wilhelm Reich's last book before he died in prison, his books seized by the federal government and ordered incinerated after a trial that was hysterical in the approach of the prosecutors.

"THe murder of christ", which admittedly I've just started, is about how freedom and self determination is squashed by power structures that depend on both psychological, physical, and economic oppression in order to survive.

There's a school of thought out there that says that Reich, who had pioneered sex therapy and was a champion of sexual liberation, wasn't actually put on trial and sent to federal prison because of the sexual part of his teaching alone, or that up until 1929 he'd been a Communist. In his later years he was making breakthroughs in techniques to break through the emotional plague and restore people to psychological health in ways that would have been able to possibly change the balance of power in society that exists between the top and the bottom.

More on this later, as well as a fuller report on some cool things I did in San Francisco.

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