Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why is tuition going up for four year colleges?

It's been going up for some time, but the purpose is somewhat obscure. Growing tuition with a constant or declining amount of financial aid means that the people who get to actually go to college are richer, meaning that the college graduates out there will tend to be richer than before. If people are really, really, dependent on scholarships they're at the mercy of the organizations with money that give them, and of course if people are completely dependent on loans that limits the options they have coming out of school. The truth of the matter is that people in power want less folks from working class backgrounds going to college. It doesn't matter if the people show up to college gung ho about it and not particularly radical, the experience of college, learning about the world, being encouraged somewhat to think critically about things, opens up the possibility of people connecting their previous experience to what they're learning, thereby radicalizing them in a much deeper and permanent way than likely happens to those folks who get into radical politics for an abstract ideal.

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