Saturday, May 10, 2008

"The Wise Quran and the World of Humanity" by Nasir al Din Nasir Hunzai

Interesting thing about reading texts by people regarded as virtual living saints that are commentaries on extremely holy books: they tend to be extraordinarily complex. So it is with "The Wise Quran and the World of Humanity" by Nasir Hunzai. I'm reading it in tandem with the new interpretation (translation) of the Qur'an by Majid Fakhry, because it constantly references the Quran and, well, being a commentary on the Quran it doesn't make much senes not to read it along with the document itself.

Nasir Hunzai is an Ismai'li Sufi from an area of northern Pakistan, meaning he's pretty far away from Wahabbi Islam, if you're paying attention to that sort of thing and care about that that is. The book is organized into short thematic commentaries that build on each other, many of which are a page or less, that are thickly reference verses from the Quran.

Right now I'm on commentary number six. I started out reading the commentaries and going to the verses in the Quran, reading more commentaries and going to more verses in the Quran, thinking "I understand where this is going, I understand what he's saying". Then on page and commentary four it suddenly took a quantum leap in depth and complexity, leading me to slow w=a-a-a-y down in reading it. I can understand it but it's sort of a "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore" feeling.

Worthwhile, but be prepared to cry if you don't have a serious background in Islam.

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Anonymous said...

Dear there are two vol of "The Wise Quran and the World of Humanity" by Nasir Hunzai" which vol your are reading and commenting about?? and the original text is written in urdu and trasnlated by Dr. Faquir Muhammad Hunzai who also traslated more then 80 books of same author are you reading other books too? to understand his philosphy ?
With regards