Thursday, June 19, 2008

The acceptable '60s vs. reality

They don't always match up. There was a time when "The '60s", written in capital letters, were marketed heavily to youth. But of course it was watered down and didn't actually represent what was happening at the time. An example of this is the exorcism of the demons from the Pentagon in a protest where they attempted to surround the Pentagon in a chain. Yes, this was the event that had a kid putting a flower in the gun of a soldier protecting the place, but it also featured something else. As part of the exorcism there were scheduled to be 'acts of love' done in front of the Pentagon itself. By that I mean couples fucking. I haven't been able to find out if they were able to consummate this but I know from accounts that they were indeed going to try it.

Having people fucking in front of the Pentagon violates the nice and comfortable '60s script where everything is peace and love but there's nothing that really presses the limits of established society. Just believe in dancing and singing in a circle, don't pay attention to the real stuff going down that may shatter your bourgeois fantasy of that era.

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