Monday, June 30, 2008

Excerpt from "The Murder of Christ" by Wilhelm Reich

That's really good. Like many accounts having to do with the Passion it's impossible not to portray it without looking at the Pharisees, which automatically brings up associations with anti-semitism. But in many cases, especially in Reich's case, they stand in for a universal tendency and have nothing to do with actual living persons practicing Judaism. The passage below was preceded by a lengthy condemnation of the Catholic Church for similar things:

"And you KNOW God. You refuse to believe that there is such a thing as NOT knowing or even not daring to know God. It was sick, forsaken, dried-up men who created the tale of God's forbidding people to look at him, to know him, to feel him, to live him. It is they who caused miserable men to try to find the hard way -- on mere hearsay, on mere belief and trust -- what they had abandoned to easily. It is, again, the people who caused Moses to issue the strict laws against worshipping the golden calf, against eating pig's flesh, and to wash the hands before meals. All this was necessary because, having lost God in yourself, and having lost your FIRST sense of Life, you began to worship gold.

And this the scribes and the Pharisees will never forgive Christ; this it is that will force the scribes and the Pharisees to kill him:
That he told his people where and what the ocean is, while they kept searching the ocean in the books and had built little pools which they stirred with rudders to create a make-believe ocean.

Christ dares to show them the ocean depth. And therefore he must die. The Pharisees are no better or worse than are our geneticists, bacteriologists and pathologists and Marxologists in matters of life. They will unite, no matter how great their disagreement, to kill Christ, the common foe who has challenged their ghastly evasions. They will kill him because he told the people where life is to be found: in their own souls, in their guts, in their newborn babies, in the sweetness felt in their loins during the sexual embrace, in their burning, glowing forehead when they think, in their limbs stretched out toward the life-giving sun. THey will kill him for all this, because he did not hide it away in Talmudic books."

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