Monday, June 16, 2008

Frank discussions of class seem to be the thing that Progressives want to avoid the most

Because they prefer looking at American billionaires and calling them the upper class instead of looking at the world around them. The "New Inequality" talked about in the latest issue of "The Nation" is just an avoidance of real class relationships in real communities around the U.S., including those that the writers and sympatico Progressives live in. It's much easier to blame a few ultra-rich people than to look at how class power actually functions in the U.S. In fact, the labeling of people who are referred to as "upper middle class", which is code for "really rich but not a multimillionaire" as being both the upper class and the class who benefits from the exploitation of workers and ethnic and racial minorities who are pushed down into the working class, may hit a little too close to home for them. Instead of confronting their own class heritage and how they either fit into or come from families that participate in the structure of exploitation they prefer to avoid the issue by redefining what inequality is and who the primary beneficiaries of it are.

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