Sunday, June 15, 2008

G.G. Allin

Always looking for the extreme I rented a G.G. Allin performance DVD and then, later, "Hated", the documentary about him. Supposed to be one of the baddest ass performers out there, who shit on stage, rolled in it, ate it, as well as mutilated himself, got naked, etc... I was mightily disappointed. Not quite as shocking as I was anticipating and, after having watched a bit of it, sort of stupid. I mean, you need to do something more than just sing shitty punk and take dumps on stage to be confrontational.

Much better, much more controversial, and much more genuine are the Vienna Aktionists, whose film documentations of their actions are a whole 'nother level of weirdness and obscenity altogether. They are to G. G. Allin as a supernova is to a common star. And remember, the level we're starting at is self mutilation, bodily fluids, and sex as well.

They were performance artists and so were possibly a little bit more thoughtful about what the best way to really shock people was.

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