Friday, June 06, 2008

The Hypocrite Uprising: David Sirota

Actually called "The Populist Uprising", it's an extraordinarily funny article in light of Sirota's large cover story in "In These Times", where he dismissed grass roots level activists.

Here's a quote from the first one:

"These uprisings have given us candidates from Goldwater to Dean, and presidents from Roosevelt to Reagan — and the populist uprising that delivered Barack Obama the Democratic presidential nomination means history could be forged once again.

What are populist uprisings? Loosely defined, they are a welling up of anger toward the established order — revolts that are often the precursor to a full-fledged social movement. The uprising against inequality during the Great Depression fueled the labor movement and the New Deal, which raised wages and created the middle class. The uprising against Jim Crow laws in the 1960s became the civil rights movement, which made America more equal. The uprising against liberalism during the late 1970s became the conservative movement of the 1980s, which deregulated the economy and fed the military-industrial complex.

It is that rebellion three decades ago that tells us we are indeed experiencing another uprising."

Here's the quote from the cover story he wrote, that was published on May 26th:

"On the one side are groups like United for Peace and Justice, that head what progressive activist Matt Stoller has deemed “The Protest Industry” — a clan “made up of those who decided that participation in the system was immoral” because they “have seen ‘compromise’ many times before and think they know where it leads.”

At Protest Industry rallies against the war in Iraq, you will find no effort to hone a basic message. You will see a sea of signs demanding (1) the end to a war with Iran that hasn’t happened, (2) the impeachment of President George W. Bush, (3) the arrest of Vice President Dick Cheney, (4) the elimination of the death penalty, or (5) the overthrow of the U.S. government by Maoists who reason that the “world can’t wait to drive out the Bush regime.”

These demonstrations are boisterous but ephemeral displays whose chaos and lack of message reinforce a self-defeating fringe image."

The title of the story is "Why the Democrats Won't Stop the War", but you have to understand what he means by "Democrats".

After giving one more brief paragraph to non-Democratic insiders ("Both the Protest Industry chanting on the Mall and The Players scheming in their downtown Washington offices are necessary parts of an effective antiwar uprising. The outraged rabble provides the boots on the ground that can pressure lawmakers in their local communities. And that popular ferment could be enhanced by a professional presence playing the Beltway’s media game.") he spends the rest of the article talking about how people who work for the Democratic Party as staff are probably not the people most inclined to shake the boat.

That's who he means by the "Democratic Party Who Won't Stop the War". Not Democrats in general, but professionally employed staffers.

No shit.

Were you born yesterday, Sirota? Have you been living in a fucking cave all your life?

I'm glad that the people who you hate can focus on foot soldiers for Democratic party followers who aren't physically employed by the fucking party itself you moron.

I mean, shit, sure, fuck people in the ass and then ask them to come be your boot boys. People always go for being used.

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