Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The mere presence of elections in November contributing to shaking up Bush

Because he's probably realizing that time is running out, that he won't be in charge of the show indefinitely, and that his stonewall tactics won't really have any effect now that people really see that he'll be out of there in about six months. It takes lots and lots of time to build up support for a really unpopular war, like that being proposed in Iran, through dishonest PR, planted stories, faked evidence, general media manipulation to create a perception of danger, and Bush doesn't have that time left. Sure, McCain is crazy, and supports a hardline on Iran, but McCain isn't Bush. He has his own ideas about what leadership means and has his own agenda. If he wins, he won't simply be a Bush II, even if he has some similar policies.

Bush's strength has been seemingly endless time with which to stonewall calls for international dialogue and cooperation as well as the numerous calls by domestic critics to be held to account for his actions.

His "fuck you" middle finger to the world is going to start to look a lot less convincing as the weeks and then months wear on.

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