Sunday, June 08, 2008

Note on how the orgone accumulator is supposed to work

According to my understanding of these things.

This is how the orgone accumulator is supposed to work. The orgone energy is flowing around us in the atmosphere all the time. It can go through matter to certain degrees but different types of matter effect it differently. They don't change the orgone itself, although electromagnetic energy does, but effect how it flows. When orgone drifts through organic matter like wool or cotton it gets stuck a little bit before flowing on. When it comes in contact with metal it gets deflected away from it. If you have wool and steel wool arranged in layers what will happen is that the orgone drifting through the atmosphere with get slowed down by the wool and then partially deflected from the next layer of steel wool back into the wool itself. If you have two layers each of wool and steel wool so that there's a layer of wool in between two layers of steel wool, with one layer of wool against one of those what will happen is that the orgone will get slowed down by the first layer, some of it will be repulsed by the steel, but some of it will go through the steel wool anyways to the other side. Now that orgone will get slowed down by the wool, and when it hits the steel wool its repulsed back. But, as it's repulsed back it hits the other layer of steel wool, which in turn reflects the orgone back into the wool. Through this process the blanket eventually gets charged.

None of this repelling or slowing down is absolute. Some orgone will get through the steel and some won't be completely slowed down by the wool, but by arranging them like this the energy will tend to accumulate in the blanket so that the blanket is much more charged than the surrounding environment. The more layers of wool and steel wool the more energy will be able to be captured and concentrated. It's not like a battery, though. It's dependent on the orgone in the atmosphere, so that it will be much more powerful on a clear blue day than on a grey, smoggy, cloudy, day. In fact, if there's serious pollution directly around you using the blanket could be dangerous because it also can accumulate DOR, dead or disrupted orgone. But that is if it's right there, not just if you live in a city that's somewhat smoggy sometimes, although those times you wouldn't want to use it. It will gain charge and charge will seep out of it depending on what the atmospheric orgone is doing.

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