Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Photo from San Francisco

Taken around City Lights Bookstore, North Beach.

Kenneth Rexroth Alley

Rexroth is one of my favorites. A cantakerous bohemian leftist/anarchist intellectual who served as the god father for the Beat movement in San Francisco. Funny, wry, humor. Nature poetry.

Funny stories about the San Francisco scene in those days from a very, very, out of print book about the Beats, portraying Rexroth as one of the doyens of San Francisco poetry along with a Brother Antoninus.

Brother Antoninus was a poet who out of frustration with where the world was going converted to Catholicism, became a Monk, but still wrote poetry. He was an anarchist and pacifist during World War II, like Rexroth, was drawn to Dorothy Day's Catholic Worker movement, which is how he got involved with the more progressive side of the Church.

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