Sunday, June 01, 2008

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The MOMA in SOMA, South of Market. I was mightily impressed; it may be small but it knows how to do the job. Particularly, I enjoyed the paintings with thick impasto, or paint textured by either globbing it on and on or by adding thickening agents to it and then applying it. Jean Dubuffet's work "Scarred Face" stood out as being amazing, with the option of going up to about an inch away and examining it making the experience much better.I can't believe that there's not an image of it out there on the internet, since it's so iconic that it appeared as a representative example of "Art Brut" in an Art History textbook. This is sort of like it

There's also the classic Matisse painting "Woman with a hat", which was unreal.
[I've deleted the Woman with a Hat because everyone was landing on my site searching for it]
It's so famous and iconic that it didn't seem to be really there. Clifford Still paintings had great appeal.
The ones that SFMOMA has in its permanent collection are huge abstract paintings whose meaning changes depending on how far you're standing away from them.

Recommended for checking out if you're in SF.

Also, they're not insane about security. When I went to the de Young museum they not only had a security guy their checking all bags and backpacks but after he checked mine he said that I couldn't raise it above waist level if I was in the museum. This is insane, I've never had the experience of having a clamp down on security while visiting a museum. Although the guy himself was not to blame, it smacked of fascist paranoia. It so disturbed me that I'm seriously considering not going back there until they change their policy. A much more reasonable way to deal with this would be to put up a sign saying "Please check your bags", like they do in every other fucking museum.

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