Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thule fantasies.

While it might not be so necessary to debunk myths that neo-Nazism basis itself around, it's not worthless. One of the ones that's out there that comes from the general area mislabeled "Nazi Occultism" is that the "Thule Society", an esoteric germanic group that was the direct antecedent of the Nazi Party, was a patriotic nationalist group that defended Munich during the days of the Munich Soviet following World War I. The Munich Soviet, staffed by people like Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, is always presented as the product of Russian, hence Slavic, and possibly Jewish, puppet masters pulling strings and oppressing German traditions. I think that that narrative is only believable to people who have no knowledge of 19th century German history and instead see Germany as something fringey and exotic, something to the east of England and the north of France that's weird and mysterious. The truth is that previous to the Munich Soviet socialism had existed in Germany for over seventy years. Marx wrote and published the "Communist Manifesto" in 1848, and was at the time a member of the "Communist League". I mean, Marx, Engels, Lassalle, the elder Liebknecht, August Bebel, not to mention Rosa Luxemburg, these weren't trivial people. The history of the Second International and its split at the start of the First World War into pacifist and war supporting factions, the pacifist faction largely turning into the Communist Party of Deutschland or KPD, is documented up and down, frontwards and backwards. There's no secret Russian conspiracy to impose socialism on Germany or Munich.

So the Thulists appear as what they probably were, anti-semitic ultra-nationalists who had racialist ideas and worshipped traditional German spirituality in an unhealthy way. They weren't defenders of anything like the supposed honor of German traditions, since it was many of their fellow German citizens who made the Munich Soviet.

Like I said, only naive Anglo-Americans who are willing to swallow any line believe that the events of that time period took place in a vacuum where there was no Left in Germany.

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