Thursday, June 12, 2008

U.S. Kills 11 Pakistani Soldiers

Reportedly, according to the person interviewed in Islamabad on "Fresh Air" yesterday, U.S. soldiers were shooting at Taliban troops who were retreating when a U.S. aircraft, drone or otherwise, moved in to drop a bomb on them that killed 11 Pakistani troops. The United States was inside the Pakistani border at the time.

Title link leads to a Guardian story about it.

Needless to say, the government of Pakistan sees this as confirmation that the U.S. is simply using them and doesn't care whatsoever about normal codes of conduct that would automatically be followed in any honest collaboration.

*incidentally, there seems to be an obnoxious rise of anti-Pakistan sentiment in India that's being justified by the "War on Terror". At least if a film or two that's come out is any indication. The film "Qayamat", whose very title is an insult to Islam (Qayamat or Qiyamat is the Muslim day judgment and resurrection at the end of time, but is translated as 'apocalypse' in the movie), drags out anti-Pakistani propaganda in the guise of an action-adventure film that would make Leni Riefenstahl proud. Film starts out with Indian prisoners of war from the Kargil war being shot on the orders of a buck toothed smiling general, who, it's later revealed is planning on hitting Mumbai/Bombay with a biological weapon in order to create an opportunity to invade Kashmir.

Yep, sure love Indian sycophants expecting me to be on their side because they invoke the magic spectre of 'terrorism'.

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Richard S. said...

Is this Qayamat a new Qayamat, or is it the one released in 2003? Haven't seen it, but...

I did see the Bollywood movie Main Hoon Na, released in 2004, in which the hero is an Indian major who has to stop an evil Indian terrorist from sabotaging an effort to initiate peace between India and Pakistan. This peace effort is the release of 50 Pakistani prisoners who had crossed the border, most of whom were laborers who accidentally wandered into India in search of work. The villain, who can't stand the thought of peace with Pakistan, is portrayed as a complete psycho with no moral compunction about killing innocent people. He had previously been dismissed from the Indian army for excecuting Pakistani civilians.

This film was also a huge, action-packed blockbuster, with the some of the biggest current stars: Shahrukh Khan, Sushmita Sen, and Sunil Shetty.