Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why Chairman Bob can't come back to the United States

Not because of any sort of grand persecution of him by the United States government but because of his own stupidity. Avakian and company were protesting Deng Xiaoping's visit to the United States when they damaged some property of the Chinese Embassy and assaulted a police officer. Why, you might ask, did he and his crew do this? For social justice, for advancing some great cause? Nope. They did it because they didn't like that Deng Xiaoping, the leader of China, had deviated away from the policies of Mao and the Gang of Four during the Cultural Revolution. Deng Xiaoping, who while of course no saint, nonetheless helped take China away from the insanity of those years and towards something more resembling normalcy. The RCP didn't like that the whole Little Red Book raising, beating people in the street who were 'capitalist roaders', movement had come to an end and they wanted to tell it to the supreme leader of China himself.

Good luck there, Avakian. Point is that no one was forcing him and his cohorts to engage in a protest that was supported by almost no one in the United States besides themselves and that had almost no potential whatsoever of realistically making a difference. Seriously. It's not like the WTO or something. I gather that they wanted to send Deng Xiaoping a message that the RCP really, really, didn't like the way China was going. He probably thought that they were like annoying flies.

But because of all of it Bob Avakian fled to France and is now living as a political refugee.

*on edit: not a Chinese expert, but the sense I get is that Deng was a colorless bureaucrat in the mold of Brezhnev, who did his best to ensure stasis and general repressiveness in the Soviet Union during his long reign. It seems that China moved from Mao and the people who surrounded Mao to Deng without any sort of colorful intermediary like Khruschev. Picture moving from Stalin directly to Brezhnev. Sure, life under Brezhnev is no doubt much, much, much better than life under Stalin, but in the grand scheme of things would you consider the move to be the best of all possible worlds? I don't think so.

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