Saturday, July 19, 2008

Added link to "Bowie: Loving the Alien" by Christopher Sandford

Awesome, excellent excellent biography of David Bowie. Focusses on the interplay between the themes of the albums and Bowie's life at the time. Looks at different symbols....written by someone who's obviously a fanatic about Bowie and loves his work tremendously.

The other Bowie bios I've seen have either been basically hagiographies written by people with the point of view of coked up roadies or have been decently written but shallow and focussing on small parts of his career instead of the whole thing.

Things by Bowie that get my votes that Sandford points out: he went from Diamond Dogs to Young Americans to Station to Station in the course of two years, then moved to Berlin, lived incognito, and released three experimental albums.

Many more too.....Hunky Dory and The Man who Sold the World stand out. Scary Monsters is a commonly overlooked album that has insanely good tracks like "Fashion".

I have to stop myself.

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