Tuesday, July 01, 2008

America's intentions in the world

They were spelled out when our first major act after the Soviet Union had backed down was to commit a war of aggression against Iraq in the first Gulf War. The invasion of Iraq to protect the golden water faucets of the Kuwaiti royal family, as they say, was only possible because Mikhail Gorbachev had signaled that if we did it the Soviet Union wouldn't take sides and retaliate in any way. So, it became the first war, the first invasion, started by the U.S. that wasn't based on anti-Communism as an official ideology since the second world war. And that was in '91. The Soviet Union itself wasn't dissolved until '92. War for oil was the first thing we did once we were assured that mutually assured destruction would not happen, thereby demonstrating our commitment to freedom, to personal rights and liberties, throughout the whole world.

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