Friday, July 04, 2008

Fuck patriotism

This is supposed to be the day in the U.S. when Progressives genuflect to the idea of what 'true patiotism', as opposed to the 'false patriotism' of the Bush regime, is. Piously, we're expected to say that love of the U.S. and its ideals is a good idea that still exists in a pure form underneath the authoritarianism that's built up around it. I'm not going to do that.

I think that's it's hypocrisy in one of its highest forms to condemn flag worship and the invocation of the Founding Fathers whenever the Right needs to make a point and yet indulge in the same behavior on the 4th.

Truth is, Patriotism in the form of undue adulation of the country that you happened to be born into is always a bad idea. What's the point? Why? Why should I do this? What am I celebrating; that I live in a place where I can have enough food to eat and drive a car that I own by myself while people born into other countries starve and live in shacks made out of surplus plywood and scavenged metal where half of their family sleeps?

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Anonymous said...

You make a good point - why be duty-bound to an unjust state? Do read Plato's Republic; I presume you haven't yet. In a nutshell, you have a duty to the state that you are a part of, willingly or no, just as you have a duty to your parents, even if they mistreat you. It might sound unfair, but Plato does a good job of breaking it down. To break allegiances because they are not perfect is immoral Peter Pannery.