Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fuck the RCP

Really, this time. Now they're trying to infiltrate and take over the Port Militarization Resistance group based in Tacoma and Olympia, a group that has done great work opposing military shipments going to Iraq. The idea is that the more trouble it is to get stuff over there the harder it will be for them to continue the war, with mass action making it hard enough so that the incentives for them to give it up rise greatly, possibly making it an attractive choice. But the RCP is trying to co-opt them, and this shouldn't happen. If it was me, if I was part of this, I'd take a hard line on these folks in the beginning and not let them get their hooks into this by dictating very restrictive terms by which they would have to abide by in order to participate in the organization, with not abiding by these terms leading to expulsion from meetings and informal hostility if they appear at demonstrations. If they're expelled and they show up it may be a good thing to distinguish them and their actions from that of PMR in order to separate whatever they might do and contain responsibility for it.

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