Friday, July 04, 2008

German film found hiding out in Argentina

"The cinematic world is celebrating the rediscovery of missing scenes from German director Fritz Lang's legendary silent film Metropolis, which turned up in the archive of a Buenos Aires museum after being thought lost for 80 years."

Metropolis is a film that has a leftist subcontext, or, not even subcontext but is really obvious, yet the idea of a long sought after German film being found in Argentina is somewhat ironic. It wasn't discovered in Barlioche, was it*? That's the mountain ski resort that was allegedly a favorite watering hole for Nazi war criminals who had fled to the country.

The film protested that it was old and infirm and that it had not been an active participant in the regime in question.

*on edit: Seriously. Read Ladislas Farago's great book "Aftermath". Reportedly, Nazi war criminals basically owned the town and were so enmeshed with the elites there that they could murder people who were looking in the wrong places without any consequences. Wikipedia says there was one war criminal living there, and that was only fingered in 1994. claims that the people of Bariloche had no idea about the man, Priebke's, real identity until then.

*on edit #2. Looking at the subject of Nazis at Bariloche it's important to distinguish Farago's book, which is based on copious amounts of original research, and the books that have come out more recently. Farago backs up everything he says, and doesn't make claims as outlandish as one other book in particular.

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